As with any wiki, Democrats Wiki has its rules. Hopefully, they should be relatively simple to follow.

Don't Vandalize This applies to articles, policy page, recent changes patrol (patrolling bad edits en masse), user pages of others, talk pages, and any other part of this site. Repeated vandalism will result in a warning, more than one warning results in a ban.

Don't Flame Insulting other members incessently will get you a warning. Threatening any member of the site at any time will earn you a ban.

Don't Post Personal Information if you Are Under the Age of 13 To comply with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) we cannot collect information from people under the age of 13. If you state that you are under thirteen years of age, we will be legally forced to ban you.

No Hate Speak Any speech that is racist, sexist, or insulting and/or derogatory to any group of people will result in an AUTOMATIC ban.

Nothing that is Otherwise Detrimental to Democrats Wiki and its Users Offensive actions not covered could result in any sort of punishment, depending on the severity of the offense.

No Puppeteering This means that you don't create accounts to agree with you, vandalize, circumvent a block, or otherwise cause a disturbance to this wiki. If you create a puppet(s) account, you will be banned NO CONTEST.

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